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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

16 Useful Makeup Tips You Should Definitely Try This Month


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No matter if you wear a little makeup or a lot, learning new tips and tricks is a great way to freshen up your look. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together 16 amazing makeup pointers that you’ve probably never even considered.

1. Try a natural lip liner

Dark lip liners can look way too harsh on your lips, but have you ever tried a natural shade? Find a neutral or nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color and use it to enhance your mouth and make your lips full and luscious. Top with a clear lip gloss and you’re golden.

2. Darken your eyelashes with liquid liner

If you have fair-colored lashes and hate the chunkiness of mascara, try this tip from Charlie Riddle. Just hold a liquid liner pen vertically and make wind-shield wiper motions across your eyelashes. You’ll instantly get darker lashes that look like you’re not even wearing makeup.

3. Make sure those cat-eyes are totally symmetrical

How? Just do what Charlotte Tilbury does and mark the ends of your cat-eyes with a black dot. Draw a small line from the dot to your lash line using a spoon to guide your angle and fill in the rest with your eye liner.

4. Seal your moisturizer with rose water spray

Want your foundation to go on flawlessly? Take a page out of Diane Kendal’s book over at MAC and try rose water spray. Simply apply your moisturizer and lock it into your skin with a light spritz of rose. Your foundation will glide right over it.

5. Always start at the center of your face

When applying foundation, start around your nose and blend outward so the product fades naturally into your skin tone. Heaping foundation around your jaw and hairline will make your foundation stand out like you’re wearing a mask. No good.

6. Use two brushes instead of one

As you’re doing your makeup, use one brush for application and a clean one for blending. This will help you get that perfect look without over applying or muddying up your colors.

7. Match your eyebrow pencil to the color of your roots

This tip is most valuable to you blondes out there. If you go lighter than your roots, your eyebrows will disappear. Darker and they’ll look overpowering and fake. Just match it up and you can’t go wrong.

8. Get an instantly whiter smile

With makeup? Yes. According to Hollywood makeup artist Scott-Vincent Borba, he uses red lip stain on the gum line of celebrities who don’t have time to whiten their teeth. The contrast creates a sparkling white smile in seconds.

9. Cover dark circles with a triangle of concealer

This is a classic makeup hack. Instead of using a ring of concealer that draws attention to any puffiness, drag it down your cheek in a triangle shape and blend, blend, blend. It will lift your eyes and brighten your face like magic.

10. Try white eyeliner

If you’ve never used white eyeliner in your life, now might be a good time to start. Coloring your entire eyelid with a white pencil before coating with eyeshadow will really make your colors pop, and white liner on the inner edge of your eyes will make them look bigger and brighter. White liner is also great for accentuating the cupid’s bow of your lips.

11. Make your lip color last

Tired of your dramatic lipstick rubbing off by lunchtime? After applying your color, hold a tissue over your lips and brush translucent powder over the tissue. Once it’s set, your lip color will stay vibrant all day.

12. Keep that lipstick off your teeth

Every women has had this happen before, so make sure it never happens again. Just put your index finger in your mouth, close your lips, and drag your finger out. It will wipe off the excess product with it.

13. Warm up your eyelash curler

Room temperature curlers work fine, but warm ones work fantastically. Use your hairdryer to warm up that curler right before you use it. Or if you’re on the go without a hairdryer, tuck your curler in your bra while you’re getting ready or between your thighs while you’re sitting down.

14. Keep mascara off your eyelid

Making a mess with your mascara is now a thing of the past. Just use an old credit card or business card to cover your eyelid so you can get your mascara right to the base of your lashes without the mess. You can also use your card under your eye to ward off eyeshadow fallout.

15. Rescue dried up mascara

Forgot to twist your mascara all the way shut? You can save it by placing your closed bottle in half a mug of boiling water. Let it sit for five minutes and your mascara will be revived and clump free. Winning.

16. Check your makeup in the car

As you’re buckling up and starting the engine, flip open your pocket mirror to check out your face. The lighting in your car is totally different from the lighting in your bathroom, so you’re sure to catch any makeup mistakes you might have missed.

Makeup Tips Infographic


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